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Flavour of New Zealand

NZ popular culture 1960 onward

The Lever hit parades featured on New Zealand government radio stations that were in the NZBS's commercial arm. They were compiled by Lintas NZ Ltd and the sponsors were Lever Brothers. These charts were not sales based and more information is needed on how Lintas went about gathering data though my information is that is was via polling.
The charts began in the 1950s but this web site covers 1960 and later. Thanks to David Bewick for charts between Sep 1965 and Feb 1966 inclusive.

Lever hit parades

Listings of (weekly) charts only; not links to pictures or sound files.
Thanks to John Tempest . Thanks to Ashley McLaughlin who provided more thorough data from his own logs of Lever Hit Parades.

Lever Hit Parade
this wk Title Artist
Compiled for the NZBC by Lintas [NZ] Ltd.
1I Got You BabeSonny and Cher
2Everyone's Gone to the MoonJonathan King
3You've Got Your TroublesThe Fortunes
4Unchained MelodyThe Righteous Brothers
5Down In the BoondocksBilly Joe Royal
6You Were on My MindWe Five
7Heart Full of SoulThe Yardbirds
8We Gotta Get out of This PlaceThe Animals