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NZ popular culture 1960 onward

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If Not for You, by Olivia Newton-John, spent 6 weeks on the charts and highest position was 8

Banks of the Ohio, by Olivia Newton-John, spent 11 weeks on the charts and highest position was 3

Let Me Be There, by Olivia Newton-John, spent 6 weeks on the charts and highest position was 11

Date Title Artist chart posn.
12-Jul-1971If Not for YouOlivia Newton-John13
19-Jul-1971If Not for YouOlivia Newton-John10
26-Jul-1971If Not for YouOlivia Newton-John8
02-Aug-1971If Not for YouOlivia Newton-John10
09-Aug-1971If Not for YouOlivia Newton-John14
16-Aug-1971If Not for YouOlivia Newton-John19
22-Nov-1971Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John16
29-Nov-1971Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John16
06-Dec-1971Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John16
13-Dec-1971Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John4
20-Dec-1971Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John9
27-Dec-1971Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John3
10-Jan-1972Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John4
24-Jan-1972Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John6
31-Jan-1972Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John5
07-Feb-1972Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John12
14-Feb-1972Banks of the OhioOlivia Newton-John13
16-Feb-1974Let Me Be ThereOlivia Newton-John11
02-Mar-1974Let Me Be ThereOlivia Newton-John12
09-Mar-1974Let Me Be ThereOlivia Newton-John13
16-Mar-1974Let Me Be ThereOlivia Newton-John12
23-Mar-1974Let Me Be ThereOlivia Newton-John15
30-Mar-1974Let Me Be ThereOlivia Newton-John20