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NZ popular culture 1960 onward

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Sales based music charts.

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Young Americans, by David Bowie, spent 12 weeks on the charts and highest position was 7

Golden Years, by David Bowie, spent 10 weeks on the charts and highest position was 18

Sound and Vision, by David Bowie, spent 19 weeks on the charts and highest position was 7

Heroes, by David Bowie, spent 2 weeks on the charts and highest position was 35

Date Title Artist chart posn.
02-May-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie7
09-May-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie7
16-May-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie7
23-May-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie11
30-May-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie13
06-Jun-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie12
13-Jun-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie17
20-Jun-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie31
27-Jun-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie29
04-Jul-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie28
18-Jul-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie38
25-Jul-1975Young AmericansDavid Bowie39
05-Mar-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie33
19-Mar-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie39
26-Mar-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie34
09-Apr-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie18
16-Apr-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie28
30-Apr-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie18
07-May-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie22
14-May-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie20
21-May-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie27
28-May-1976Golden YearsDavid Bowie31
08-May-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie10
15-May-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie16
22-May-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie13
29-May-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie17
05-Jun-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie9
12-Jun-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie10
19-Jun-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie14
26-Jun-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie9
03-Jul-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie7
10-Jul-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie13
17-Jul-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie15
24-Jul-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie21
31-Jul-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie17
07-Aug-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie25
14-Aug-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie29
21-Aug-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie23
28-Aug-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie33
04-Sep-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie29
11-Sep-1977Sound and VisionDavid Bowie38
19-Feb-1978HeroesDavid Bowie35
26-Feb-1978HeroesDavid Bowie37